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Easy Healthy Recipes For Air Fryer: Simple Way To Impress A Vegetarian

Blooming Onion

If you still doubt whether a vegetarian dish can impress with its taste and look, this is the recipe that you should try! Taste it at least once. Even the most confirmed lowers of the pork chop and dishes alike can’t help loving it. Healthy recipes for air fryer are so simple! A minimal set of products and the time for cooking make them perfect. These are the obligatory ingredients for the blooming onion:

  • white onion (large) — 1
  • eggs (large) — 2
  • milk — 0.25 cup
  • sea salt — 1 tsp
  • panko — 0.75 cup
  • paprika — 1.5 tsp
  • black pepper — 0.5 tsp
  • garlic powder — 1 tsp
  • Cajun sauce — 0.5 tsp


1. Get ready with the coating for the “blooming onion”: in one dish, combine olive oil with panko and Cajun sauce; in the second one – combine pepper and salt; in a bowl – mix eggs and milk.

2. Peel onion, cut off the top part and turn it upside down. Moving from ½ inch of the bulb root cut it downwards to the chopping board. Then make more cuts around the bulb until their number is eight leaving some space between them.

3. Pour some ice water into the bowl and dip the sliced onion into it for not less than 2 hours (or for a night at the max). Take bulbs out of water and dry with a paper towel. Weight down the onion “petals” to create the effect of “blooming onion”.

4. Mix eggs and the milk (2 tbs), put “flowers” in a large bowl and cover them with egg mixture. Ascertain that the mixture filled in the spaces between “petals”. Then turn each “flower” upside down to take away the excess. Cover bulbs with a substance one more time filling in the empty crevices and turn them upside down.

5. Cover “flowers” with panko.

6. Activate the Preheat press, set temperature (360 ˚F) and time for cooking (10 min), and push the Start press.

7. Put “blooming onion” into the basket and cover them with foil.

8. To verify the doneness, check out crispness. If your bulb in blossom is desired to be crispier, continue cooking up to 5 – 10 more minutes.

9. Having reached the desired level of crispness, serve the dish with your favorite sauce (ranch dressing is advisable).