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Aigerek seem to be a company that specialise solely in the making and produce of Air Fryers, so you expect their merchandise to be top of the range. They also produce a range of high-priced blenders to help blend fruit and other healthy materials. However, Air Fryers seem to be the main name of the game. Though these models we are about to detail are quite similar, there are certain differences between them that make them interesting to look at separately. Whether you are looking for a large capacity air fryer, or just one of the popular air fryer as seen on TV, Aigerek are hoping to supply you with some appliances that they are hoping will light up the oil-less fryer reviews. Well, let’s see how they fair!


The first model is a sleek black Air Fryer that has a capacity of 3.7 Quarts, allowing you to cook quite a bit of food at one time. Equipped with rapid hot air circulation system, this air fryer can cook food in that fried style that you love so much, with a lot healthier results too! This model also has a detachable basket and an insulated handle too!

  • The insulated handle is great as it allows you not to worry about burning yourself or harming your hand when cooking up a storm!
  • The LCD display is incredibly easy to navigate and allows for easy use every single time.
  • With 7 built in cooking modes already in the fryers available settings, you won’t waste any time fumbling for recipes or manuals!
  • The price is incredibly steep for a fryer that doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary in terms of features.
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Here we have a model that is quite similar to the last. Save for it’s sleek design in a dazzling silver plastic and a slight change to the capacity setting this one at 3.2L. We find that the basket, not only being bigger, is also dishwasher safe which means that its incredibly easy to clean if it ever gets too dirty.

  • Utilising the Air Circulation technology, this state-of-the-art appliance is amazing and versatile too! It boasts preset modes for a range of different foods.
  • The beautiful silver design this model comes in makes it perfect for any countertop, it is compact and will fit anywhere it is placed without much fuss at all.
  • This model has temperature control up to 400 fahrenheit, and a timer of up to 30 minutes, ensuring that whatever you cook, you cook it your way.
  • It’s hard to see what exactly is so different in this one than the last model, save for the improved cooking space and the new coat of paint.
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AIGEREK ARK-100 Review

Here we have a model that is almost identical to the last one, but yet again we see a new paint job making the Fryer look even sleeker with a red and black design. This one also has an amazing cook book included with it too! This fryer has a cool touch exterior, ensuring that you don’t suffer any injuries and the interior is non-stick too!

  • The cookbook is positively bursting with amazing and ingenious recipes that are sure to light the fire under your cooking process. Don’t worry if you are feeling a bit creatively drained, this book will certainly help you with that!
  • The non stick interior ensures that you won’t have any messy little episodes when you go to cook something with melted cheese involved!
  • This one looks to be a little bit cheaper than its counterpart which is always a plus.
  • Some customers have stated that the protective layer on the outside of this model isn’t the most structurally sound, and is chipping away slowly.
  • The protective coating on the outside of the basket is subject to wearing away as well.
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Though these aren’t the wildly different models you might see in another brands selection, they are quite solid models. Just be careful that when you are forking out extra money, you are not just paying for a cookbook though. And read the bad reviews as well, that way you are aware of the worst case scenario. Though the AIGEREK models look quite modern and high quality, it seems that their quality doesn’t necessarily correspond with the price you are paying for them.


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