Best Outdoor Deep Fryer (Propane, Gas) Review June 2024

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Deep Fryer With Natural Gas Or Propane

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Everyone loves a backyard family gathering, that’s why it is necessary to get the best outdoor deep fryer to cook for the whole crowd. These three items are good and provide decent functionality along with reasonable pricing. It is important to consider both the safety of the tool and the usability. And, of course, it should cook food fast enough or either wise everyone will get hungry. Hot Springs National Park Bayou Classic 700-701 is an excellent choice as it prepares meat, fish, and vegetables quickly and tasty.

[block]Summer time is a time for frequent and continuous contacts with nature, be that in a forest, near a lake, in the mountains, or just in a cottage out of town. Consequently, outdoor cooking gets popularity very quickly. It results in rising of the demand for appropriate cooking equipment, its quality, and variety. Outdoor deep fryers are pressing out traditional pots and grill, having better performance. They are spacious, made of durable non-stick materials, and have efficient systems for cooking delicious food always. They are equipped with a lot of safety features and are easy and simple in operation as a usual deep one.

So, consider all of the said above when you are going to choose an outdoor deep fryer and get a new
experience in cooking and tasting.[/block]

A few details to keep in mind while choosing an outdoor deep fryer

Almost all home chefs admit that food cooked with outdoor (propane) deep fryers is crispier and tastier than made with electric air fyers. But usage of deep propane fryers means greater risks, so, if your choice is to buy that tool, you must carefully research the best practices and follow them strictly. That is the first thing to remember. The second thing is that these models may be used only outdoors, so, if the winters at your residence are pretty cold, consider how often you are willing to use it. And the final thing not to forget is a dealing with a propane tank. You have to store it, refill and move if needed. It may be annoying.
But all that annoyance are compensated by two great benefits of an outdoor deep fryer:

  • Better fried food
  • Oil heats up faster
  • Food gets fried faster as well

A few technical specifications to remember while buying a propane fryer:

  • Capacity ( it depends on what and how much you want to cook)
  • Safety ( carefully read instruction and follow it to the last word, also, always have a fire extinguisher at hand)
  • Cost ( typical price is $100-200)
  • Cooking accessories (baskets, cooking oil pump, etc.)
  • Built-in thermometer and propane burner (otherwise you must necessarily buy them)

Of course, fried restaurant snacks, chicken, or turkey are delicious, but why leave it to them only? With a properly chosen outdoor deep fryer, you will make your own food which will be highly appreciated at any party or a family dinner. But always be careful and put the safety first, whatever model you use to enjoy your meal.

King Kooker 1618

This amazing fryer is liked by both professionals and hobbyists for its power efficiency and environmental friendliness. It may be used for cooking family meals at home, or you can effortlessly carry it to camping sites as well.
This propane outdoor deep fryer’s features:

  • Aluminum Pan and 2 Frying Baskets
  • 16-inch tall welded frame
  • Resistant handles to provide safety
  • LP hose with regulator and type-1 connection
  • 54,000-BTU CSA-certified cast burner
  • Pros
    • Portable, easy to carry
    • Takes short time interval for cooking
    • Deep fry thermometer is included
    • Detailed recipe and instruction booklets are included
    • Aluminum Pan is BPA-free, non-stick, and rustproof
    • Two different meals may be cooked at the same time
    • Four legs for additional safety
    • Propane tank is not included
    This outdoor gas deep fryer is an ideal tool to solve all cooking problems during any of outdoor activities. The best thing about it is that it cools in no time. The Amazon reviewers have rated it with 5 stars in the Value For Price and Easy-to-Use categories, the overall rating is 4.5 stars.
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    Bayou Classic 700-701

    Bayou Classic 700-701 is one of the best deep fryer on such appliances market. This model has two stainless baskets and is great for outdoor activities. It has a V bottom keeping the oil temperature at the low level, as a result, it won’t burn and the oil will be clean. It includes two stainless steel baskets, cool touch handles, temperature gauge, drain valve, extension legs, and a preset high-pressure regulator assembly with stainless-steel braided hose. The temperature control is great as you will not get burned and thanks to the spacious cooking area you can fry anything easily.

    • Durable stainless steel
    • 2 fry baskets
    • V-bottom design
    • User manual might not be useful
    This Bayou tool has been highly rated by customers, it has got 4.7 stars out of 5, including 83% of reviewers who rated it with 5 stars. It is really easy to deal with it in everything. And it indeed cooks delicious food.
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    Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less

    This propane infrared greaseless turkey fryer is big enough for cooking a whole turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner, but its potential can astonish with diversity. This is a big device which requires propane. Think twice before buying, if your apartment is rather small, as it is definitely not for home usage. It was designed for outdoor use and requires much space for storing. With it, a big portion of any meat becomes juicy and tender for several days. During the cooking process, it may become covered with a black coating which has to be peeled.

    The oven has got a built-in igniter, but can also be started with a match. The estimated cooking time may differ from time described in cooking books or compared to oil frying. If several pieces of meat are put into the fryer, they must have some space between one another. Otherwise, the areas of contact can stay soggy. This is the best choice for those who love a single giant fried piece of meat. And again, here is a brief list of pros and cons of Char-Broil:

    • One of the biggest devices that can deal with pretty big portions
    • Quality of cooking is on a rather high level, despite the little coal coating
    • Can do well both for turkey and other kinds of meat
    • Its dimension may do a bad trick: it can be used only outdoors within as much open space as possible. You will need much place for storing it as well
    In addition, Char-Broil offers many specially designed accessories with the Big Easy TRU-Infrared fryer, which allows a user to take all advantages of this amazing tool. The Thanksgiving is not that far from now, take a chance and cook a traditional turkey in this wonderful outdoor turkey deep fryer to please the taste of the whole family. Their appreciation is guaranteed!
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    Summary on choosing outdoor fryers

    Modern outdoor deep fryers are really serious competitors of traditional grills or BBQ. Someone may suggest that oil is too messy to deal with, but the taste of food cooked in a best fryer is beyond any description. If you carefully consider your needs in food and type of food, how often a fryer is supposed to be used, then look at specifications of a model, keeping in mind such points as total capacity and a number of baskets, safety, time of cooking, type of cooking (with oil or oil-less), accessories, drainage of used oil, deep thermometer – after that you will surely buy what you need for the price you can afford. And remember, if you still have not a propane tank, you will have to buy it because, typically, they are not included.


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    Date: 22. 03. 2018
    Joe Arsenault
    Bayou Classic 700-701

    I’m overjoyed second consecutive day. Whole family is glad. If there‘s a possibility, I advise to buy it

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