Review on the Best Todd English Digital Kitchen Air Fryer

If you admire a taste of the deep-fried foods, but cannot afford much unhealthy oil, time and kitchen skills, then you need to learn our review on the Best Todd English Digital Kitchen Air Fryers and choose your favorite one. These top kitchen gadgets cook without or less oils, and thus you get your dishes low-fat and low-calorie. Due to their convection settings, they offer a lot of features and better cooking results and produce crispier, more flavorful food. These air fryers will justify your trust, and I am going to prove it in my air fryer reviews.

The Characteristics of Todd English 1500w 3.3 qt Touch-Screen Digital Air Fryer

Todd English 1500w 3.3 qt Touch-Screen Digital Air Fryer

Its removable carbon filter prevents bad smell to spread in your kitchen. The knobs will never be broken with LCD digital display panel. The non-stick ceramic coating makes the use easy and convenient. The capacity of the fry basket is 3.38 qt  and the capacity of the heating bowl is 4.20 qt, while the power capacity is 1500W / 120V / 12.5 Amps. Another benefit is that this model has 7 different cooking modes for Fries, Bacon, Shell Fish, Bake, Poultry, Meat and Fish with different temperatures and timing. For its price it is a great option. Experiment and study your taste preferences with a recipe book that goes with the product. Never spoil your dish with its adjustable temperature control and timer.



  • Seven different cooking modes
  • Temperature and time control for ease of use.
  • Ceramic coating and basket made of aluminium
  • Compact design that saves space on your kitchen
  • High power capacity for faster cooking


  • Small size of basket
  • Poor instruction guide

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The Characteristics of Todd English 1700w 5.8 qt Touch-Screen Digital Air Fryer with Steam Rack & Bake Pan

Todd English 1700w 5.8 qt Touch-Screen Digital Air Fryer with Steam Rack & Bake Pan

The model is designed for cooking in seven modes with pre-set time and temperatures: Fries, Bacon, Fish, Poultry, Meat, Fish, and Bake. There is also a possibility to adjust cooking time manually from 0 to 30 minutes. Its big capacity enables enjoying meals for your big family parties, while a space-saving design won’t occupy the kitchen room a lot. Due to the technology of the hot air circulation, the item cooks food evenly and quickly without or less oil than when you deep fry. The bell notifies you that your meal is ready.

Aluminium basket with ceramic coating makes the cooking process simple and convenient. The cooking capacity is rather high – 5.8 qt, which is a good thing for a dimension of 15″L x 11″W x 14-1/2″H-11.26 lbs, not mentioning its high power of 1700W/120V/60Hz.



  • Fast cooking
  • Aluminium basket covered with ceramic coating
  • Convenient timer and a bell that notifies you when the meal is done
  • High cooking capacity


  • Over average price
  • Limited warranty


The Characteristics of Todd English 1500w 9.8 qt Multi Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

Todd English 1500w 9.8 qt Multi Function Digital Air Fryer & Rotisserie

This multi-function air fryer provides high quality, speed, and safety of your cooking process. The view window enables you to observe how your dish is becoming ready. In comparison with the previous models, this appliance ensures you to cook without the basket. All necessary accessories, such as a baking pan, a toast rack, a rotisserie rod, and forks, are included. You can cook a whole chicken with the rotation function.

It is made of stainless steel and features a nonstick ceramic coating (PTFE/PFOA free), which makes it easy to clean. Besides, it allows you to cook without a basket and if you do this – you can fit larger amounts of food inside the fryer. It has versatile and capacity. You get crisper food thanks to a vapor steam, while the fryers high power capacity (1500W/120V/60Hz) ensures fast cooking.


  • Multifunction
  • Fast speed of cooking
  • Convenient Rotation function
  • High capacity


  • High noise level (60-80 db)


As a conclusion, they are all a great combination of high productivity, smart performance, and unique speed. Get rid of your unnecessary kitchen facilities and make your life easier with these amazing items. Do your house more stylish with the choice of colors.
Whether you are planning a special main course or side dish, the appliances will always give you a helping hand with a simple touch of the button. These products really deserve your consideration and are worth to be bought. Get your perfect delights within several minutes!