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Review for the Best Air Fryer for French Fries

GoWISE USA 5.8-QT NuWave Brio FrenchMay Air Fryer – 3.7Qt
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You can choose the color you like – the tool can be plum, white, chili red, and black.
This tool will allow you to enjoy the unhealthy food by taste and stay healthy simultaneouslyRapid hot air circulation technology lets the user make magic in the kitchen
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Do you adore French fries just as we do? But do you want to stay healthy simultaneously? Only imagine that it is, in fact, possible! Have you heard of such tool as the air fryer? No? Well, then this article was created just for you! We will have a look at the three products that produce the best French fries you could possibly dream of, and we will mention the tools’ pros and cons, too. Are you already interested? Then keep on reading!

GoWISE USA 5.8-QT Programmable 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL


This $100 tool will allow you to enjoy the delicious dishes without extra calories. You can cook your favorite French fries that are going to be crispy on the outside and juicy inside and stay healthy – how amazing is that? The easy touch screen menu will allow you to manage the tool easily, and the book including 50 recipes will help you make an amazing food for the whole family.

By the way, the manufacturer examined the complaints of the users of the GoWISE USA air fryers about the size of those and produced the tool that can easily feed the family of four. The possibilities of this tool are endless – apart from frying, grilling, and roasting, you can also bake a cake.

You can choose the color you like – the tool can be plum, white, chili red, and black. However, some people complained that several parts of the tool simply broke. Some said that the non-stick coating was coming off in chunks, which is not a good thing. There were people who mentioned that it was hard for them to clean the basket.

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NuWave Brio Air Fryer


This tool will allow you to enjoy the unhealthy food by taste and stay healthy simultaneously. How is it even possible? Well, the innovative technology does make it possible no matter how fantastic it sounds. If you are the big fan of French fries, mozzarella sticks, and fried chicken, this tool is for you.

The touchscreen display will allow you to manage the tool quickly and easily. A lot of people complained about the burnt plastic smell. This is a pretty important issue to consider when buying the product that is why we recommend you to ask the manufacturer what warranty it provides.

This will save you from the uncomfortable situation. There are only three NuWave Brio Air Fryer reviews on Amazon that is why it is pretty difficult to judge, however, the tool seems qualitative after all.

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FrenchMay Air Fryer – 3.7Qt


This tool is simply amazing, however, it is not available on Amazon now, but you can have a look at the local shops. Rapid hot air circulation technology lets the user make magic in the kitchen. It is extremely easy to clean the parts that are why you do not have to worry that you will spend hours in the kitchen after everyone in your family is fed. The manufacturer is so caring that he lets you use the product for 60 days, and if you stay dissatisfied with its quality, he promises to give you your money back – with no questions.

How amazing is that? The product is only available in the black color, however, it looks so elegant and stylish we do not really imagine it in some other color. The cookbook that goes with the air fryer will help you find interesting recipes so that you are not forced to cook French fries only. However, there were people who left negative reviews on Amazon.

Some complained that the air fryer does not provide the fried texture at all. Some said it would not even turn on. One person wrote that she did not get the food that was crispy outside and juicy inside. Still, the majority of the air fryer reviews were super positive, and people were happy they bought this tool.

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We hope our report helped you decide what you need considering the prices and functions the machines can perform. It is no easy choice, however, if your budget is limited, it will be pretty clear to you which one to select. As you see, we provided both pros and cons of each product because we want to be honest with you and provide you with full information. The three described products are all qualitative, however, they have their weaknesses as well. It is up to you to decide which one you like most.