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Emeril Hot Air Fryer Reviews

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Our Krishnarājpet Emeril Hot Air Fryer reviews take into consideration the most crucial elements of the appliances. We’ve revised not only the price and capacity but also the functionality and versatility of these tools. They both are amazing when it comes to deep frying food without any added oil and fats. The model we’ve chosen as a winner can not only fry, but also bake and grill dishes and comes with recopies cards. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 has a decent capacity and fascinating functionality.

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360

Do you want to have a quick oven that can efficiently and in a healthy way bake your pizza or roast the whole chicken? If so, look no further as this model is all you need for your quick and healthy meal preparation. Have a look all over the internet about Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer reviews and see for yourself!

So, get rid of your inconvenient oven that burns your food all the time and enjoys in tasty and well-prepared meals with Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360! This model offers you 12 pre-set cooking functions, allowing you to choose how you want to prepare your food. Bake the slices of bread, a whole turkey, slow cook meat for 10 hours or even dehydrate your fruit and enjoy in healthy snacks! With 1500watts, the 360 Quick Cook technology cooks your meal evenly on all sides, unlike standard ovens that usually bake from the top and bottom, without ruining your flavor and crispy parts!

LCD digital display allows you to easily set your cooking settings and reduce the number of unhealthy calories! It can remove up to 70% of unhealthy things from the food, making it ideal for all who are gym/fitness freaks. If you are looking for a versatile air fryer that has a modern design, cooking utensils and book full of recipes that you can do on your own, Emeril air Fryer 360 is everything you could possibly need! It offers 930 cubic inch capacity, allowing you to prepare big meals for the whole family. It weighs 19.9 pounds, and you can easily place it in your kitchen. Below are some of the pros and cons of Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Oven:

  • Convenient 360 cooking system
  • Huge capacity
  • Easy to use
  • LCD display
  • Instruction manual should be a bit clearer
  • Not really good for rotisserie
  • Cleaning can be a bit of problem
  • The external body can become hot due to food preparing.
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Emeril Lagasse 5.3 QT XL

The second model recommended for buying is Emeril EML FT 42915 BK Pro Lagasse Air Fryer. This one has a basket, cake barrel, pie pan, and 30 recipe cards. Its power is 1400W, and its capacity is 3,5-Qt. It also has a 30-minute timer with auto shutoff that can make your cooking life much easier.

You can fry, bake, grill, or roast your food using this tool and enjoy the delicious dishes that you get. It requires little or no oil at all which might seem crazy for the user who has always added a lot of oil to make the tasty food. With this tool, you can start your healthy lifestyle right away! Its only con is that it is not big enough for the family. Apart from that, it is simply perfect!

We also recommend that you pay attention to another air fryer model from this brand:

Emeril. 5.3 Qt Digital Smart Fryer

  • 1400W power
  • Multifunction
  • Automated shutoff and 30-minute timer
  • Small size not suitable for the family
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Emeril 3.75-qt Rapid Air Fryer

The model that we would highly recommend you to consider in case you decided to buy the this tool is Air Deep Fryer Emeril 3.75 qt. This amazing tool has a rapid air frying system and a 30-minute timer with auto shutoff. It is super easy in usage – the food you cook is going to be quick and healthy.

Things you will forget about when using the Air Deep Fryer Emeril are preheating, spattering, and fry oil smell. What you can get used to is delicious dishes that will taste amazing and be healthy at the same time. Are you interested in how this tool works? The technology combines hot air and high-speed air circulation and thus lets the tool deliver tasty food.

Comparing its price with those of the similar products, it becomes obvious that the tool is really cheap – it costs only $106! The only con it has is that 3,75-qt capacity is rather small – this tool is good for two people only.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient auto shutoff and timer
  • Adjustable thermostat (you can choose temperatures between 175F and 400F)
  • Small capacity
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Do you like the taste of the deep fried food, but want to exclude oil and saturated fats from your ration? Then our Emeril hot air fryer reviews made by specialists who know how to make your life healthier will help you. It’s not only about going in for sports, to become healthier, you should also consider changing your lifestyle. What does it mean? It does not mean following a certain diet to become fitter, it is about choosing a healthy way of living. To live so-called green life, you should reconsider consuming junky and fatty food. How to do this fast and cheap? The ideal variant will be buying a perfect kitchen helper – air fryer! If you buy an air fryer, you will use 70-80% less oil. And that’s amazing, isn’t it? The idea of its creators was to help the housewives to cook the products that taste the same like your favorite fried meal but are much healthier. The innovation standing behind such cooking is Rapid Air Technology that lets cook with the help of halogen lamp and superheated hot air. Before you actually buy a new device, you should find out about the models that suit your needs the most. And we are here to help you out! After testing and comparing different devices, we are ready to share our fair reviews with you to help you in making up your mind.
Shopping guide
We know how stressful choosing a new device might be. That is why we have made a list of factors you should think of to facilitate this process. Here are they:

  • Choose the model that will satisfy your needs

What you have to be aware of is that there exist basket, paddle, and oil-free turkey fryers. The basket fryers have a basket correspondingly (these are the most common ones), the paddle fryers have a paddle that stirs the food, and the oil-free turkey fryers allow the user to cook the entire turkey. Thus, choose the model, which will suit all your needs, this guarantees that you will use it regularly and it won’t gather dust on the shelf.

  • Look through online reviews to make up your mind

You can find many useful reviews on various things online. These reviews like our own will definitely help you when choosing an ideal model yourself, as they are made by ordinary customers who have already bought such a device, or experts like we are, who can give you a professional opinion or even a comparison table on certain models.

  • Made a careful examination of the functions

Before buying an air fryer, you should first study the features a certain model has. Pay your attention to its capacity, power, size and additional features. With such an abundance of various brands, even the choosiest person might find a model that will meet all his requirements.


After reading our Emeril hot air fryer reviews, you have a general view of the two popular models of this brand. Both Emeril 3.5 qt. Pro System and EML FT 42915 BK Pro Lagasse are good options for a small family, as its capacity does not allow cooking much food. That is why if you have a bigger family, you should consider another model. Other than that, they can make your life healthier from the moment you start using them. Thus, do not procrastinate, you will get more time for anything you want after buying such a kitchen helper like air fryer.


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