Simple Chef Air Fryer Review – June 2024

Best Simple Chef Air Fryer Review 2019

Simple Chef are a relatively small time company that sell a variety of things from skillets to vegetable slicers. But they have taken to the revolutionary market of Air Fryers to try their upmost to give customers and amazing culinary sensation for a reasonable price. Here we have the Simple Chef Air Fryer. In this fast-paced, constantly moving market of new and advanced cooking technologies, it can be hard to point out the best large air fryer, or the best small deep fryer, or the best of anything for that matter! That’s why we are reviewing this air fryer in a concise and helpful manner. So you don’t have to trawl around all the oil less fryer reviews looking for the perfect model for you.

Simple Chef SC-AIRFY-3.5L Air Fryer For Healthy Oil Free Cooking

The Simple Chef Air Fryer is an easy to use fryer with an impressive 3.5 litre capacity. It has been crafted out of the highest quality plastic and comes with a 30-day guarantee, ensuring customers that they will be able to use their new fryer with confidence. It is the pricier of the budget air fryers if we are being completely honest. But Simple Chef are offering an Air Fryer that can stand the test of time.

Simple Chef
12.68 x 14.17 x 12.68 in
11.82 lbs
The Simple Chef Air Fryer provides you with an easy and healthy way to prepare your favorite foods.
4.5 out of 5
  • The capacity of this model makes it perfect for those that are looking for an appliance to help them feed a multitude of people. This Air Fryer can fit a whole load of different food stuffs in and still cook evenly throughout.
  • This fryer has a fantastic feature that actually pauses the cooking process when you take the cooking tray out, this is a great feature as it ensures an amount of safety and security.
  • The revolutionary technology within the fryer allows you to make a variety of foods, including potatoes, chickpeas, tofu, chicken and many, many more. If you are looking for a fryer that allows some improvisation, this is it!
  • Unfortunately some people have expressed that their air fryer wasn’t well means tested and that after a few uses it actually started to melt at the bottom.
  • For an Air Fryer that isn’t exactly described as perfect, it’s a pretty steep price to pay.
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