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Based on the buy real Clomiphene best air fryer consumer reports and choices, we’ve completed a comparison of 5 excellent models. They are from different brands and have various pros and cons. We’ve included weight, dimensions, materials, capacity, and performance to our checklist. According to these features, the most beneficial one is third-class Philips HD 9220/28 as it is of amazing quality, performs great and reduces the oil use up to 75%.
There might be a moment of life when you decide to change your life drastically. Usually, people decide to live a healthier life that is why they start going in for sport and be more active. But exercising is only a halfway to success. To become healthy, you should also revise your daily ration. Excluding food with high level of carbs and fats together with drinking more water may be a key to becoming fit and feeling better. However, the choice of living a healthy life can be quite expensive for an ordinary people. Products with eco-labels on them cost much more than those without these tags.
What should you do in this case? The answer is obvious – you can start cooking yourself and take everything under control. However, there are also some pitfalls you may face. You have to cook a healthy meal, thus avoid using oil and stop consuming fried food. The perfect option in this case might be buying a modern device that may change your life from the first day of its use – an air fryer. Cooking food with the help of this device, you may get dishes that are similar to those made in the conventional oven.
What is more, you can cook a meal without using any saturated oils. Due to air cooking process, you will get food that is baked, rather than fried. But this doesn’t mean it is not delicious! Using air fryer, you do not need to refuse to eat your favorite crispy wings, but with this device, they will be more healthy. Want to give it a try, but do not know which model will be a perfect match for you?  Our best air fryer consumer reports may help you to make this difficult decision and buy an affordable device with various functions easily.
Shopping guide
Have you decided to buy the air fryer and you cannot select the one that fits you perfectly? When buying this kitchen helper, you should pay your attention to such important factors:

  • Is this device multifunctional?

Today there are numerous models on the market that are multifunctional. Some of them are not only an air grill, but can also bake cakes, cook various soups or other dishes.

  • What is its capacity?

You should choose a device taking into account its capacity. Thus, if you live alone, a small one will be okay with you, but if you have a big family, consider an air fryer with bigger capacity.

  • What’s its quality?

If you wish to prevent your device from overheating, then you should not consider models made of plastic, as they can melt very easily. Also, look at the pan coating – choose the one with ceramic or Teflon to avoid its peeling off in the future.

We have got the best air fryer consumer reports that will help you decide on the model you prefer. How will they be helpful? Well, people who already bought the product will share their fair experiences with you. We gathered all the information, systematized it, and prepared only the most important points, both pros and cons. Are you already interested in the five products we are going to discuss here? Then keep on reading!

Blusmart HF-898

The innovative built-in air frying technology lets you fry, bake, grill, and roast with only a little or no oil at all. The food will be cooked fast, and the most important thing is that it will be super healthy compared to the one cooked in the microwave or oven. It is easily cleaned thanks to the removable dishwasher-safe parts. The manual that goes with the air fryer will help you better understand how it works, and the cookbook will allow you to make the amazing dishes quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, the product is currently unavailable on Amazon, however, you can have a look at the local shops. However, the tool has several flaws as well. First of all, the instructions are vague and hard to read. The cookbook provides temperatures in Celsius, however, the tool displays Fahrenheit which may confuse the user. Some people complained that the machine simply stopped working after a while.

This model performs well in baking, frying, roasting, and grilling. It has a 3.4Qt fry basket with nonstick coating and thus, is easy to clean. Its high power capacity 1400 Watts (120V/60Hz) is aimed to give you the most efficient and fast cooking experience. Besides, thanks to its special size 12.7″x 14.4″x 12.7″ it saves lots of space at your kitchen and its smart time control function makes the process of cooking really simple.

  • Automated shut-off function and convenient timer
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Suitable for family
  • Unique air frying technology
  • A possibility to adjust temperature
  • The nonstick coating doesn’t meet the expectations
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Aigerek ARK-100

This tool is great for traditional French fries and onion rings, however, it also cooks steak, roasted potatoes, and vegetables that is why you do not have to worry about how to feed your family – there will appear a huge variety of dishes now. One of the biggest pluses of purchasing this tool is that the company provides 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are dissatisfied with the product during the first 30 days, you can get your money back with no additional questions asked.

Another benefit is a 3.2 liter basket capacity. Safety during the process of cooking is ensured by a smart timer and auto shut-off feature, cool touch exterior, and control of temperature. And fast speed of cooking is ensured by high power capacity – 1350W.

You can buy the product in black or red color which is an amazing opportunity for you to match the tool to your kitchen interior. The tool works pretty quietly that is why you do not have to worry it will wake up your little child while it is cooking. Searching for the bad review on the 13 pages on Amazon, we found only two of those.

The first one concerned the smell of the burning plastic while cooking. Another one concerned the difficulties of pressing the timer knob. Other than these two, the reviews were full of excitement and gratitude towards the manufacturer. Everyone loves the product!

  • Smart timer and shut-off functions
  • Large basket
  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Smart temperature control
  • Unpleasant smell of plastic while cooking
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This model includes eight preset smart programs that will help you cook amazing meals with no effort and, what is more important, no oil! It takes approximately 30 minutes to cook the average dish that is why your family will not have to wait long for the food to be ready. Can you imagine frying, grilling, baking, and roasting without any smoke? Us neither!

However, this tool does it! The parts of the tool are easy to wash – do not worry you will spend a lot of time doing it. It features a Rapid Air Circulation Technology and has 8 programs for different types of foods, which makes cooking quite simple. It features both manual and automatic timer. You are also allowed to control the temperature (min from 170 °F to 400 °F). Last but not least – its high capacity of 3.2qt makes it possible to cook fast and prepare meals for the whole family.

The item is only available in the black color, but it looks so good we cannot even imagine it in a different one. Of course, the tool has several flaws. Some people complained that several pieces of the plastic case broke after several minutes of using. There was one person who thought the tool is too big for the functions it performs; another one said it was too expensive.

Some say that the recipe book is no good because the information is really limited and could have been more expanded. Other than that, everyone is happy with what s/he bought.

  • A slick digital display
  • Easy to clean
  • Eight different programs to choose from
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology
  • Price over than average
  • Poor recipe book
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Cozyna (3.7QT) 613-01

This product offers you the healthiest alternative to frying with oil. Do you imagine cooking chicken, burgers, fish, fries and many other dishes that will taste amazing but will be really healthy? Together with the tool, you get two cookbooks that will share amazing recipes with you to make your cooking life easier.

What are its main characteristics? Along with buying this model you get – 1500 watt appliance, 3.2l capacity, modern analog display, Rapid Air Circulation Technology, and much more. It also has a nonstick coating and many other benefits to surprise you!

The books are given to you for free – how amazing is that? The parts of this air fryer are dishwasher safe that is why you can be calm – it will not be a big problem to make the machine clean each time. Do you wish to make your lifestyle healthier? Start with the food you consume!

If you are a big fan of the fried food, then it is absolutely necessary for you to buy the air fryer by Cozyna. There were some users who stayed dissatisfied with the product after using it for a while. For example, one person complained that after using the tool for four months, the bottom simply melted. Another person complained the size was too small and she could not cook more food at once.

  • Affordable price
  • Even and fast cooking
  • No bad smells on your kitchen
  • Teflon coating peels off
  • Low exterior quality
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Philips HD9220/28

If you plan to buy this tool now, do not waste your time – because its price is quite affordable, while the quality is really high. But let us talk about the product first! Philips air fryer exists in the black and white color – you can decide what fits better to your kitchen interior. Were you aware of the fact that Gordon Ramsey teams up with this particular model to prove that making healthy and delicious food is possible? When you buy this tool, you get the recipe book with 150 amazing recipes for you.

The dimension of this model is 13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches. Besides, its space-saving design makes it simple to store as it is quite small compared to many other air fryers with a weight of 16.36 pounds. A smart timer also makes the cooking process less stressful as you do not risk to overcook or burn your meals. Thus, it is a great option.

The unique starfish design together with the technology of circulation of the hot air makes sure you get the delicious, healthy food prepared with only a tablespoon or oil-less at all. Does the machine have any cons? Well, of course, there are always the users who stay dissatisfied with the product they bought.

Let us have a look at the problems of the users with the machine. One person compared the air fryer with the toaster oven because it bakes the food rather than fries. Another one mentioned that this tool could not feed the whole family – it can only prepare food for the two or three people. Some say that it takes much longer time to cook than mentioned in the instructions.

  • Compact size
  • Convenient and smart timer
  • High quality
  • High price.
  • Small capacity
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We hope that after reading our best air fryer consumer reports, you will finally make up your mind and find the perfect air fryer. No matter what brand will you choose – Blusmart, Aigerek, SimpleTaste, Cozyna or well-known Philips, you have to realize that there is no absolutely perfect tool for cooking – everything has its pros and cons. Thus, you should always make a list of things you need to look for when choosing a new device and then consider devices that will suit your needs. We hope our list of testimonials from the ordinary buyers like you will come in handy when choosing your own kitchen helper.


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Date: 21. 04. 2018
Brad Dearman
Philips HD9220/28

I have a lot of household equipment but this air fryer is definitely the best helper. Meat – any kind – comes out perfectly, cheese pancakes are yummy and vegetables are cooked perfectly. It’s easily washed and occupies a small place

Date: 11. 04. 2018
Lonnie Butler
Philips HD9220/28

I bought it for my wife for the New Year. I’ve been choosing for a long time between this one and Philips for twice the price. Since the models are new, there were no adequate feedbacks anywhere. We’ve checked that Philips previous model was nearly like this one and has the same working principle but differ by design and touch panels. We decided to take this and we’re satisfied with it: we roast everything we see. Everything comes out tasty and healthy, we take recipes from similar air fryers.

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