Best Small (Mini) Electric Deep Fryer Reviews – Brands And Models Comparison

PRESTO-05420 PRESTO-05442 CoolDaddy T-fal FF1628 Cuisinart CDF-100
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Manufacturer: Presto
Manufacturer: Presto
Manufacturer: T-fal
Manufacturer: Cuisinart
Model Number:
Model Number:
Model Number:
Model Number:
Color: Black
Color: Black
Color: Black
Color: Silver, Black
Item Weight: 3.6 lbs
Item Weight: 8.41 lbs
Item Weight: 6.4 lbs
Item Weight: 5.78 lbs
Item Package Dimensions:
9.7 x 9 x 8.5 in
Item Package Dimensions:
15 x 10 x 9 in
Item Package Dimensions:
15 x 13.5 x 11.2 in
Item Package Dimensions:
11 x 8 x 7.5 in
Easy to store in any kitchen because of its 9-inches cubic dimensions (9.7 x 9 x 8.5 )
Extra large viewing window lets keeping a cover shut while observing the frying Exclusive oil filtration system for provides easy clean up for multiple oil use The magnetic breakaway cord and skid-resistant feet for extra safety
9.8/10 9.7/10 9.0/10

You like French fries, do not you? Most people, especially, kids really do. Actually, that is why we use to go to MacDonald’s restaurants or any other of that type. Guys there know how to deal with potato. But professional deep fryers aren’t practical for home usage, they are pretty big and cost too much as a kitchen tool for occasional use.

Here a few hints how to choose a decent small fryer:

  • Consider how when you are going to use a fryer, what size of portions is suggested
  • What kind of food (potato, meat, fish or whatever) you will cook
  • What kind of oil (fat) is supposed to be used
  • The best mini fryer should have an ideal range of temperature (between 350 and 373 degrees Fahrenheit), adjustable thermostat, digital display, and timer
  • Fryer must quickly recover after placing frozen food into it (not more than 5-6 minutes)
  • It should be safe as it deals with electricity and high temperature
  • Magnetic power cord is essential to provide a quick turn of and prevention of grease fire


Finally, each model which pretends to be the best in the row should have a detailed instruction how to operate with it and, especially, what to do when any incident happens.

Buying the best mini deep fryer

If a decision to get rid of a frying smell and mess in the kitchen is made, and a small deep fryer is near to be bought, pay your attention to the next features it might possess:

  • Timers and sound alerts
  • Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Cleaner eating, i.e. rinse and fall basket to allow most of the oil to drain
  • Thermostatic temperature control with multiple settings
  • Observation window to check the food without opening the lid and protection from any random oil splashes
  • A non-stick pan should be included
  • 2-year warranty
  • Capacity (although you buy a mini deep fat fryer) should be not less 1.5L of oil and 350g of chips
  • Cool touch handle as a safety measure, which means no matter how hot your chips are you’ll still be able to move them safely
  • External handle for extra safety
  • Power indicator to let you know that oil is hot enough to add food


If all these features are included in a chosen fryer, buy it without hesitation. It will make your food tastier and life a lot easier. Although keep in mind that the fried food is not the healthiest one, so combine it with a balanced diet.

Get acquainted with the best small deep fryer PRESTO-05420

best small deep fryer

When we talk of an excellent small electric fryer, we may easily refer to the FryDaddy PRESTO-05420, which is one of the most popular models with the top rating.

The bigger version of it called GranPappy exists as well and beats the tops too. It is an impressive kitchen tool, so let see its


  • 1200 Watt power heating elements
  • Automatic internal thermostat to manage the temperature between 350 and 375 F (ideal for most food deep frying)
  • Easy to store in any kitchen because of its 9-inches cubic dimensions (9.7 x 9 x 8.5 )
  • Lightweight, only 4 pounds
  • Impressive oil ratio 1:1, it means 4 cups of oil for 4 cups of food
  • Non-stick, easy to wipe when it is not possible to get it placed into a dishwasher
  • Has a handy snap-close lid to seal oil for further use
  • Very attractive price of $18 (at Amazon), in retail near $30


  • Does not have a basket to dunk and remove food with, though comes with a slotted spoon
  • A necessity to get off excess oil on cooked food in some way
  • Not sufficient productivity for a party or a family dinner

Over 400 Amazon reviewers have awarded this excellent model with 4.3 out of 5 stars, and 65% of them have given it 5 stars. Nothing to add!

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French fries taste better with small electric deep fryer PRESTO-05442 CoolDaddy

small electric deep fryer

Great variety of small deep fryers for the home are represented on the market nowadays. Although not every device shows great quality and efficiency in usage. But CoolDaddy does not belong to that category.

Amazon reviewers have rated it over 4.5 stars and would have recommended it to the friends. Let us give it a more close glance.


  • Adjustable thermostat allows cooking at various temperature regimes
  • Handy indicator light shows when oil is ready to cook
  • Intuitive controls
  • Locking cover prevents food from spattering
  • Extra large viewing window lets keeping a cover shut while observing the frying
  • Charcoal air filter to absorb the frying smell
  • Exterior basket handle
  • Removable frying pot for easy cleaning
  • Specially designed for perfect cooking all types of food
  • Rapid heat-up and recovery time
  • Built-in safety features


  • No on/off switch
  • Not suitable for large quantities

In the case of this fryer, the cons do not even try to beat the pros. Finally, if you are not satisfied how much fries you get at one time, just buy one with a bigger basket. That’s it!

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Small deep fat fryer – T-fal FF1628 the best family friendly product

small deep fat fryer

Invite your whole family for dinner, but hesitate what to cook quickly and deliciously, buy a T-fal FF1628 deep fryer. It is awesome!


  • 2.1 liters of oil / 2.65 food capacity
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Fixed aluminum pot
  • Exclusive oil filtration system for provides easy clean up for multiple oil use
  • Folding handle, large viewing window, permanent grease filter
  • Locking lid, Removable lid, High gloss black exterior
  • 1,600 Watts
  • May be shipped in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


  • Only 1-year limited warranty

As customers justly review, this small deep fryer has one undeniable feature. 2.1L of oil can be used for multiple cooking of whatever you want. It is not necessary to change and waste oil each time, just get ready food off and load another portion, not less than 2.65 pounds. Think about that! In less than a half an hour you can feed a lot of folks. The rate of this wonderful deep fryer at Amazon is over 4.5 stars. And not in vain!

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Small deep fryer – Cuisinart CDF-100 is a kind of masterpiece for quick and simple cooking

small deep fryerIf you live alone or with a friend in a not very big and spacious studio, but both of you like to taste delicious fresh fries, doughnuts, or chicken wings, then this amazing compact deep fryer is just for you.

You will surely have not any problems with cooking.
The wattage of this fryer is lower than its competitors have, but it is not necessary for a size of a unit is small. Anyhow, it is quite enough to cook crispy fries, chicken, etc.


  • Fast heat-up and frying
  • Nonstick die-cast bowl with attached heating element for superior heating
  • Built to North America Electrical Standards
  • Light indicator to show oil is ready to use
  • The highest temperature is 375 F
  • Recovers quickly after loading frozen food
  • Viewing window
  • The magnetic breakaway cord and skid-resistant feet for extra safety
  • Easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty


  • Only 1.1L oil capacity and ¾ pound of food
  • Control panel may get hotter than other parts but not that great to cause an issue

The specifications of this compact deep fryer are not designed to compete with bigger and more productive models. Its function is to provide quick and delicious cooking for 1-2 persons with proper safety and reliability. 3-year warranty means a lot!

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To have a small deep fryer at a kitchen is mandatory today

Recapping the said above, we should consider a buying of, at least, a mini deep fryer to make our food more diversified. Although fried food is not one of the healthiest food in the world, the most people do like it. Modern mini deep fat fryers for home provide great quality of cooked food together with easiness and short time of the process. Before buying this kitchen tool, first determine a purpose of it in your home, i.e. how often you will use it and how many people you are to feed up. Then find an appropriate model on the internet and read the air fryer reviews. Finally, figure out a price you are ready to pay. After that make a purchase.




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