Philips Air Fryer Reviews - Philips XL, Viva and Other Models Review

Reviews Of The Famous Philips Air Fryer – Viva and XL Air fryers Comparison

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For those who may be wondering what order Lyrica online uk the best Phillips Airfryer is, we’ve gathered four stunning options. All of them are produced from safe and high-quality materials and have a great variety of functions. The main advantage of air fryers is that the help to stay healthy by reducing the use of oil while cooking. All four machines are easy to maintain and are dishwasher safe. The fastest one is Yahotyn Phillips XL HD9240/94, and it also has a decent capacity for a big family.
Say hello to a healthy lifestyle and bid adieu to unhealthy eating habits. Eating healthy won’t be a synonym for untasty food anymore with such a great kitchen appliance as air fryer. We all love junk food, but we are also aware of the fact that is not good for our health. Besides, who doesn’t want a fit body? Summer is almost here, and soon you will flaunt your body in a bikini or trunks! But what if your body is still not fit? Then our expert opinion on the revolutionary kitchen device called air fryer might come in handy when you are tired of daily kitchen routine. What is an air fryer and does it make magic? This is a very popular kitchen helper that can facilitate the cooking process by preparing food without oil. The result you get is similar to those you get using a conventional oven – your meal is crispy, but not oily at all.
These are really cool news – crispy delicacies can be healthy! How is that possible? With such a device like Philips Air Fryer you can cook your favorite fried meal without using excessive oil. Yes, that is not a joke, this is a real fact. We have prepared detailed expert overviews of the most popular models of Philips brand after reading which your dreams of having a multifunctional kitchen helper may come true. Are you ready? Then go on!
Philips Digital Air Fryer Review – The Features
Buyers skim through the features before buying the innovation. This is the first segment! Here are the features of the product which would help you to know whether this appliance is good for use or not. What does it bring to the table? Let us find out! Before going through the different segments of the Philips air fryer review, you must check the features.

  • It has a touchscreen interface. It is user-friendly which means that even if you are not a huge fan of technology, you would be able to use this product with ease.
  • The parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean and dry the parts.
  • 70% LESS fat which means you can bid adieu to greasy junk foods! You can make your favorite delicacies without the use of excessive oil.
  • It has a 60-minute timer with auto shut off. We always hear news about saving electricity. Here is YOUR chance to save electricity!
  • The product has a double layer rack.

The product is available on Amazon at a great price. Do note that our review is strictly based on ratings and reports of customers, who have used the product. This is not a biased review as we want our customers to get the best!
There are different variants available, and we have tried to review all of them for you!

Philips Viva HD9220/26

The most popular Chef and restaurant chain owner, Gordon Ramsay, has recommended the product to everyone! You can prepare all his famous recipes by using this appliance. 7 million units have been sold which means it is the #1 product in the world!

  • 75% less fat
  • Rapid air technology
  • Gordon Ramsay recommends the product
  • It may be difficult for some to operate
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Philips HD9230/26

Review of customers on Amazon –

“This does the job! It is a much healthier option than frying foods in oil! It takes up a lot of space! However, I was happy with the efficiency of the product.”
– MagicMix, United States
“It is a great purchase which is easy to clean up. It is good for French fries, chickpeas and even chicken wings”.
– Julio A, Madrid

As we move further, our buyers want to know whether product has any pros and cons.

  • Cooks faster
  • Buyer gets crunchy exterior
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Trusted Brand
  • Difficult to remove the basket
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Philips XL HD9240/94

This appliance has excellent features such as Rapid air technology and a smart preset button. The hot air circulates in the product, and it gives you crispy yummy food within few minutes. The parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe, and you can easily clean up without wasting a lot of time! It is quick and easy to clean up! We love the digital touch screen of the product.

Cook delicious crispy foods without the use of oil. In a world where obesity is life-threatening, one must bring home the Philips XL version. The auto shut off feature is the best as you can save electricity!

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Philips HD9220/28

If you plan to buy this tool now, do not waste your time – because its price is quite affordable, while the quality is really high. But let us talk about the product first! Philips air fryer exists in the black and white color – you can decide what fits better to your kitchen interior. Were you aware of the fact that Gordon Ramsey teams up with this particular model to prove that making healthy and delicious food is possible? When you buy this tool, you get the recipe book with 150 amazing recipes for you.

The dimension of this model is 13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches. Besides, its space-saving design makes it simple to store as it is quite small compared to many other air fryers with a weight of 16.36 pounds. A smart timer also makes the cooking process less stressful as you do not risk to overcook or burn your meals. Thus, it is a great option.

The unique starfish design together with the technology of circulation of the hot air makes sure you get the delicious, healthy food prepared with only a tablespoon or oil-less at all. Does the machine have any cons? Well, of course, there are always the users who stay dissatisfied with the product they bought.

Let us have a look at the problems of the users with the machine. One person compared the air fryer with the toaster oven because it bakes the food rather than fries. Another one mentioned that this tool could not feed the whole family – it can only prepare food for the two or three people. Some say that it takes much longer time to cook than mentioned in the instructions.

  • Compact size
  • Convenient and smart timer
  • High quality
  • High price.
  • Small capacity
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Buying Guide for Novices

Say yes to faster cooking with the best air fryer which gives you the crispiest and tastiest food without the use of too much oil. It creates lesser smell as compared to other products. The smell of oil can be irksome and dangerous for the family members. The Philips variants are perfect for home use!
Here is a quick buying guide for those, who wish to buy the appliance.

  • It should not make the kitchen hot, and there should be no smell.
  • The appliance should have a decent capacity to cook different foods.
  • Does it have rapid air technology? If yes, then the product is ideal for you.
  • It should be easy to clean

I hope that the Philips Air Fryer review was helpful. I always want the buyers to compare different products and buy the best! It is a one-time investment. Bring home this revolutionary product and say yes to a healthy lifestyle. Eating clean is important as it keeps your body healthy and happy. What are you waiting for? Make way for Philips into your home!


Still hesitate? We really hope our thorough reviews on the best models of the Philips Air Fryer will help you to make up your mind and choose an optimal variant for you. What is more, our comparison table can really help you to see the general picture and choose the ideal model. Philips is a famous brand many buyers prefer over others, as good reputation of their device is the best warranty of the quality. However, you should always keep in mind all the factors to make a decision you won’t regret after. If you still do not know whether this is what you are looking for, you can always find numerous feedbacks online.


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Date: 21. 04. 2018
Brad Dearman
Philips HD9220/28

I have a lot of household equipment but this air fryer is definitely the best helper. Meat – any kind – comes out perfectly, cheese pancakes are yummy and vegetables are cooked perfectly. It’s easily washed and occupies a small place

Date: 11. 04. 2018
Lonnie Butler
Philips HD9220/28

I bought it for my wife for the New Year. I’ve been choosing for a long time between this one and Philips for twice the price. Since the models are new, there were no adequate feedbacks anywhere. We’ve checked that Philips previous model was nearly like this one and has the same working principle but differ by design and touch panels. We decided to take this and we’re satisfied with it: we roast everything we see. Everything comes out tasty and healthy, we take recipes from similar air fryers.