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Best Electric Greaseless Fryer Reviews

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abjectly Read honest reviews of the most popular greaseless fryers. These greaseless fryer reviews will tell about their pros, cons, and customers’ impressions.
Healthy food is a keystone of our lives. Excessive consumption of oil leads to
problems with vessels, heart, and digestion system. A greaseless fryer can become a good alternative to products fried in oil. This type of device uses hot air for cooking meals, making food give away its fats and saving vitamins and microelements. And even if you are a marvelous cook and know about healthy meals, cooking may be taking too much of your time. In this case, you start thinking about an automatic helper that is able to prepare a healthy meal, save your time and energy.
Which oven can cook your beloved French fries and chicken and make them juicy and tasty?
Which gadget will help you to prepare a turkey for a holiday dinner better? Take a brief look at these fryers and decide which one is the best for you, your health and your family.

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less

This propane infrared greaseless turkey fryer is big enough for cooking a whole turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner, but its potential can astonish with diversity. This is a big device which requires propane. Think twice before buying, if your apartment is rather small, as it is definitely not for home usage. It was designed for outdoor use and requires much space for storing. With it, a big portion of any meat becomes juicy and tender for several days. During the cooking process, it may become covered with a black coating which has to be peeled.

The oven has got a built-in igniter, but can also be started with a match. The estimated cooking time may differ from time described in cooking books or compared to oil frying. If several pieces of meat are put into the fryer, they must have some space between one another. Otherwise, the areas of contact can stay soggy. This is the best choice for those who love a single giant fried piece of meat. And again, here is a brief list of pros and cons of Char-Broil:

  • One of the biggest devices that can deal with pretty big portions
  • Quality of cooking is on a rather high level, despite the little coal coating
  • Can do well both for turkey and other kinds of meat
  • Its dimension may do a bad trick: it can be used only outdoors within as much open space as possible. You will need much place for storing it as well
In addition, Char-Broil offers many specially designed accessories with the Big Easy TRU-Infrared fryer, which allows a user to take all advantages of this amazing tool. The Thanksgiving is not that far from now, take a chance and cook a traditional turkey in this wonderful outdoor turkey deep fryer to please the taste of the whole family. Their appreciation is guaranteed!
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Air Fryer by Cozyna 613-01

This air fryer reduces oil consumption by more than 70%. Its dimensions and smell control system make it a rather good choice for indoor use. Take a look at the list of advantages and disadvantages.

  • This fryer is extremely simple: it consists of only two parts that can be placed in a dishwasher. It means fewer chances to spoil it while washing and disassembling
  • The price is rather low compared to other items of the same type. Plus, the producer guarantees a full refund within 30 days if there is no satisfaction with the purchase
  • It fries fast. It can take no more than one hour to prepare a whole meal and just about 20 minutes to cook a hamburger. This is not just a fryer, it has got an option to bake, grill and roast food as well
  • The design may seem too simple for users who prefer hi-tech features. We mean the lack of technologies for cooking and an old-style analog display with dials for setting temperature and time
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Masterbuilt 20100809

This small oven can cook a turkey in about 10 minutes for each pound (approximately 2 hours for a 12-pound fowl). While the producer assures it is able to even handle an 18-pound turkey, 12 is the recommended limit unless you want a turkey burned to coal in the areas of contact. So, it is a perfect choice for a small family.

Butterball is powered by electricity, so it is safer than gas fryers. Its compact design will be in use in small apartments, but cooking must be conducted only outdoors. It would be a reasonable choice if some disadvantages were not taken into account. Some users claimed they did not feel the taste of a deep-fried turkey. In combination with a rather high price (about $120) and doubtful ability to cook something except turkey leaves the question concerning its utility unanswered.

  • No gas needed, just plug and cook
  • This is a small and reliable device that will fit into any house
  • The speed rate of cooking is rather high
  • The price is too high for this highly specialized device with questionable reliability
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Chefman RJ38

Chefman Express air fryer may become a good choice for indoor use due to its dimensions and stylish design. Many people love it for simplicity. It is easy to use, wash and store. 2.5-liter volume can cover daily needs, but would not help before a holiday dinner for a big family.
While the design and style of the fryer are ready to amaze, the overall reliability leaves much to be desired. On the Internet, a lot of complaints concerning the work of Chefman Express can be found. In some cases, it stops working, other times it works with glitches.

Conclusion: Chefman Express is a modern oven that justifies its name: it can cook faster comparing to similar fryers. However, in some time it can turn off completely or have different troubles which will spoil the initial good impression. Some pros and cons for summing up:

  • Small design is perfect for daily needs
  • Its appearance is one of the best on the market
  • Simplicity: even a child can handle with this device!
  • Too many rumors about its failures on the Internet
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Big Boss Greaseless Fryer

The Big Boss is recommended for people with special dietary needs. Some of them call it the best air fryer for people with cholesterol problems. It can become a good alternative for regular oil fryers. It needs some oil for cooking, but just a little bit. Some research shows that it can cut calories consumption up to 65%. However, there is always a fly in the ointment. People say that Big Boss air fryer takes a lot of space to store. Also, it can be extremely hot during cooking, which is not convenient in summer or in small apartments. Plus, you need to keep easily flammable stuff away from it. There were some complaints about the time of cooking.

The actual time is a little bit longer than described by the producer. To say honestly, every cooking device has this little sin. Big Boss can save your health, and its relatively low price can save your money.

  • It is considered to be the most healthier oven with minimal usage of oil
  • The price is rather low comparing with the same models
  • The frying could be faster, but still, its cooking speed is high
  • It takes pretty much space and does not let put anything flammable near it
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Phillips HD9220/28

When it comes to design, Phillips fryer tries its best. This time they stayed faithful to traditions and gave away a good looking gadget. A customer can choose from two colors: black and white, which is not rather convenient. Both colors look universal enough to fit into many kitchens.

But still, the appliance is rather large and heavy, so make sure to find enough place for it. Among other fryers, this one is famous for its reliability. It may serve you well for many years.

However, it still shows some traditional problems for this kind of equipment: overheating, glitches in electronics and poor exterior. It is more convenient for daily use than cooking a big dinner. All in all, this gadget can become a good choice for you, if you have not many people to feed, much space for it in your kitchen and enough money.

  • The design is outstanding. It can become a real adornment for any kitchen without paying attention to rather poor color choice
  • A well-know and trustworthy producer
  • Good for constant usage, has many functions and ways of application
  • It can be too big for keeping it at kitchen constantly
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As you can see, each device mentioned above has its own merits and demerits. Some of them will do better for big families, others become ideal for those who live alone. Thus, they all seem to accomplish their main task perfectly: cooking relatively healthy food without excessive efforts and time wastes.

The disadvantages of the highlighted fryers are common for these gadgets: high temperatures, mandatory outdoor usage sometimes and moderate resistance to time. Do not hurry to purchase any air fryer as seen on tv. We recommend you analyze your lifestyle, daily needs and tastes of your family before looking for your best fryer.


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Date: 30. 04. 2018
Joseph Cisneros
Chefman RJ38

I’ve bought this one as a present for a brother. He lives alone and can’t cook but loves to eat.

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