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The Reviews on the Best Elite Digital Air Fryer

Many people are suffering from obesity today that has become epidemic worldwide. They try to follow low-fat and low-calorie diets and lower the level of their cholesterol to prevent different diseases connected to overweight, such as diabetes, cardiovascular risks, cancer and other health problems. But this issue can be easily solved with new air fryers. These kitchen facilities provide an ideal combination of high quality and performance that help you cook a variety of healthy and delicious food every day. And as you know healthy food is a key factor for good health.

The Characteristics of Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer Cooker, 1400-Watts


It is very important to pay attention to some basic features of this model.

Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer Cooker, 1400-Watts is marked by:

  • a 60-minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • It ensures oil-free cooking.
  • It goes with a basket and drawer pan.
  • It has an option of a cool-touch handle.
  • A full-color recipe book is included.
  • The warranty is one year.

Most Amazon customers give it positive reviews.


  • Oil-free cooking option.
  • Food gets tasty and crispy even if no fats were added.
  • Cook takes less time and is safer comparing to a regular oven.
  • You are notified that the dish is ready by a beep.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The attached cookbook is full of delicious recipes tailored specifically for this model.
  • The air fryer is budget-friendly without compromising the quality.


  • You can only cook for 2-3 people at once.
  • It consumes a lot of electricity.

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The Peculiarities of Elite Platinum 3.2 qt. Digital Air Fryer

Elite Platinum 3.2 qt. Digital Air Fryer possesses the same characteristics, but it differs in its size. With its advanced touch-screen technology, this appliance also features 6 menu functions that are baking, meat, fish, cheese, and vegetable cooking, and frying.


Numerous advantages completely overcome two minor disadvantages. Whether you buy Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer Cooker, 1400-Watts or Elite Platinum 3.2 qt. Digital oil-less Air Fryer, they will provide high quality and reliability you can always count on. They are doubtless worth to be purchased to cook with little to no oil, enjoy your favorite delights, and stay healthy. You should buy this fantastic kitchen item for such a low price and excellent performance? To my mind, both products deserve your consideration.