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Best Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer – Shopping Guide, Opinion & Analysis, 2019

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Eating habits have changed throughout the years. They have drifted from eating healthy to eating fast foods, to eating healthy once again. That doesn’t mean that fast foods aren’t appealing to us; they’re really good, and there’s no reason not to eat them if we do it adequately. Thanks to technologic advances, frying food without the use of oil is now a possibility. In a competition of best deep fryer vs airfryer, it’s no secret that deep fryers are strongly loved by users. Nonetheless, it’s important that you consider purchasing the former if you’re looking to change your eating habits, or just living a balanced life.


When you’re Ready to buy this product, but are indecisive on whether to purchase a deep or air fryer, don’t worry. These two devices do practically the same thing. They cook food and give them a crispy feel. The best air fryer vs best deep fryer taste is the same, and the real difference lies in the use of oil. Even outdoor deep fryers cook your food with the use of oil, whereas air devices work with infrared technologies. Buy an air model if you want a healthier outcome. These are the features to look out for, in order to get the best:

  • Capacity: you have to choose a product that can hold the amount of food you require it to. Check the manual or on the box.
  • Ease of use: since this is a product you’ll be using at home, it has to be easy to assemble and use.
  • Versatility: pick a product that can work with several types of foods; onion rings, fries, chicken wings, tacos, and others.
  • Time to heat up: if one thing is important in these devices, is the time they require to heat up because on this feature depends how much time you’ll spend in the kitchen. Look for one with a short start up time.

An air fryer vs oil fryer will make the difference, starting with your help and the outcome of your food. Try it for yourself today and see the positive impact this device makes in your eating habits.


If you want to buy the best product of this kind in the market, then you should consider GoWISE USA’s GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer.
This is an acclaimed, well-rated device that has a lot of features that add value to it in comparison to other similar products. As mentioned before, the best air fryer vs deep fryer taste is the same, but the way they achieve this flavor is a different story. These are some of the reasons why you should purchase this product:

  • Apart from the obvious fact of enjoying your foods without the use of oil, this device has a touch screen that allows you to set the cooking time, and choose out of some smart, pre-established programs like meat, chicken, chips, etc.
  • It reaches 400 degrees and has a removable pot, which makes the cleaning much easier.
  • It circulates hot air around your food to cook it, promising an even cooking and a delicious outcome.
  • It weighs 12lbs and its design is modern, which means it will blend in perfectly with your kitchen.
  • One of the most relevant drawbacks customers noticed was that it started to fail after 3-4 months of use.
  • Not all users comment that this has occurred to them, but when you purchase this item, you can also buy a warranty in case anything happens to the device.
In conclusion, and if you want to have an excellent quality product in your home, don’t think twice and get this product immediately! Don’t forget to pick a warranty in order to prevent any bad experiences and get ready to start eating your favorite foods in a healthier way.
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T-FAL FR8000

If you prefer deep fryers, then you should check this one out: T-Fal’s FR8000 is an excellent product for your home.

Apart from having a friendly price, this small model offers customers several positive features, including the following:

  • This product has a 1.700-watt power and a 3.5L capacity for oil.
  • You’ll be able to cook up to 2.65lbs of food in it, and you’ll also be able to clean it in your dishwasher.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat for you to keep track of the temperature of your food and it’s a device that’s very easy to use.
  • It also works with an oil filtration technology that’s going to help you save money in extra oil, and it will also help you keep it clean.
  • The oil that’s filtered will remain stored in one of the compartments this product has. Frying donuts have never been so easy and delicious!
  • Some users mention that it keeps on leaking oil, which can become a cleaning nightmare.
In conclusion, the T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer is an outstanding, small product that will provide excellent results and will deliver crispy fries, chicken wings and other types of your favorite foods.
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Avalon Bay’s AB-Air fryer

One other device of this kind that you should contemplate buying is Avalon Bay’s AB-Air fryer 150B. Some of the many positive features it has include:

  • It has a 2.65lb- capacity.
  • Its patented technology circulates hot air around your food evenly to fully cook it.
  • This means your food will be healthy and crispy at the same time. It reaches 400 degrees and includes a 30-minute timer that will automatically turn to standby mode when the time’s up.
  • This product includes various cooking tools, including a baking dish, a roasting rack, and a metal basket to transfer the food automatically from the device to the dish.
  • What else could you ask for? It also includes a cooking book to encourage users to be creative. This device has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5.
  • Many users have complained about the product being made cheaply.
  • Pieces falling apart or breaking after months of use.
  • Buy a warranty for it and avoid these problems.
Air fryer vs deep fryer reviews always say that avoiding the use of oil is 10 times more beneficial for your health. If you’re looking to change your eating habits for the better, then purchase this product.
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Another oil-using model you can look at when you’re at the store is Presto’s 05420 FryDaddy.

Besides the obvious saving money on oil benefit because of its deposit capacity, this product provides its users with other things, like:

  • It has a nonstick surface that makes the cleaning part easier.
  • It has a built in thermostat for you to keep track of the oil’s temperature.
  • Its design is modern and will look excellent in your kitchen.
  • With a 1.200-watt power, this device maintains the perfect ambiance for your food.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and will help you prepare the most delicious foods.
  • Users mention that the oil in the device gets too hot and ends up burning the food.
This is a product you should strongly consider when choosing a small deep fryer because of all the benefits it has to offer. Make the most amazing chips and chicken wings!
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Air frying vs deep-frying has many differences, starting with the way your food is prepared. The air fryer vs. deep fryer taste is the same, as the crispy, moisty inside result stays the same with both products. If you want to change your eating habits and wish to ingest healthier food, then air models are what you’re looking for. If you, nonetheless, want to keep using oil to fry your food, try some of the products we mentioned above, like T-Fal’s FR8000 or Presto’s 05420 FryDaddy. The products listed above are all of an outstanding quality and will deliver excellent results.


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