Philips Air Fryer vs NuWave Air Fryer review in June 2024

Philips HD9220/28 Viva Airfryer vs NuWave Air Fryer

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If you are looking for a new kitchen frying tool, you’ve probably come across these two popular models, that’s why we’ve tried and resolved the Philips Air Fryer vs Nuwave Air Fryer competition. We’ve compared different features, price, quality, and performance to find out which one has all them on top. We also took into consideration the weight, dimensions and the material the tool is made of. After all, we’ve come to the conclusion that Kishapu Philips Air Fryer  has them all together – it is a high-quality product with amazing performance.


Philips HD9220/28

If you plan to buy this tool now, do not waste your time – because its price is quite affordable, while the quality is really high. But let us talk about the product first! Philips air fryer exists in the black and white color – you can decide what fits better to your kitchen interior. Were you aware of the fact that Gordon Ramsey teams up with this particular model to prove that making healthy and delicious food is possible? When you buy this tool, you get the recipe book with 150 amazing recipes for you.

The dimension of this model is 13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches. Besides, its space-saving design makes it simple to store as it is quite small compared to many other air fryers with a weight of 16.36 pounds. A smart timer also makes the cooking process less stressful as you do not risk to overcook or burn your meals. Thus, it is a great option.

The unique starfish design together with the technology of circulation of the hot air makes sure you get the delicious, healthy food prepared with only a tablespoon or oil-less at all. Does the machine have any cons? Well, of course, there are always the users who stay dissatisfied with the product they bought.

Let us have a look at the problems of the users with the machine. One person compared the air fryer with the toaster oven because it bakes the food rather than fries. Another one mentioned that this tool could not feed the whole family – it can only prepare food for the two or three people. Some say that it takes much longer time to cook than mentioned in the instructions.

  • Compact size
  • Convenient and smart timer
  • High quality
  • High price.
  • Small capacity
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NuWave Brio Air Fryer 6qt Blk

The manufacturing company NuWave is a bit less well known when it comes to kitchen appliances.They are best known for their Pro Infrared oven that uses utilises convection energy, infrared and conduction heat. With this in mind, it should be interesting to see how they handle the systematics of an Air Fryer. Though NuWave may not be as recognisable a brand as Philips, or as trustworthy either, they have proven themselves to be quite a revolutionary group when it comes to kitchen appliances. And this Air Fryer is no different.
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  • The massive 6 quart capacity is one of the biggest you’ll find on the market. You can fit a lot of food into this Air Fryer at one time, and the power of its Air Circulation Technology enables it to cook all of the food evenly.
  • An ingenius touch screen design allows you to accurately control the heat and temperature at which you are frying.
  • This model also has an automatic shut off mode for if you leave it on for too long.
  • Some customers have raised issues about the basket supplied with the appliance, saying that a little bit of usage causes the basket to peel quite significantly.
  • Customers also stated that the wiring within the Air Fryer wasn’t properly safe as well. Make sure you get a guarantee with this one so you’ll be able to return it if needs be.
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In conclusion both of these models are made by pretty trustworthy developers. Though the Philips is a little bit more expensive than the NuWave, the developers would argue that you’re buying into a top of the range model that is bound not to break very easily, like some customers have said the NuWave has. However, the NuWave Air Fryer definitely wins in terms of value. You get so much more cooking space with the NuWave for a lot less money. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. But I think I personally would go for the NuWave, but this isn’t to say I wouldn’t heed the warnings given by prior customers about damage and dangerous wiring.


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Date: 21. 04. 2018
Brad Dearman
Philips HD9220/28

I have a lot of household equipment but this air fryer is definitely the best helper. Meat – any kind – comes out perfectly, cheese pancakes are yummy and vegetables are cooked perfectly. It’s easily washed and occupies a small place

Date: 11. 04. 2018
Lonnie Butler
Philips HD9220/28

I bought it for my wife for the New Year. I’ve been choosing for a long time between this one and Philips for twice the price. Since the models are new, there were no adequate feedbacks anywhere. We’ve checked that Philips previous model was nearly like this one and has the same working principle but differ by design and touch panels. We decided to take this and we’re satisfied with it: we roast everything we see. Everything comes out tasty and healthy, we take recipes from similar air fryers.