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Recipes For GoWISE Air Fryer Save Your Time And Health

Grilled Chicken Breast

You should not wait for the summer to taste grilled chicken breast. Using the recipes for GoWISE Air Fryer, you will get the yummy chicken breast with minimal efforts and within the minimal timeframe. Make certain you have 20 minutes to devote to cooking and get started! The list of ingredients for this dish:

  • Chicken tenderloins — ½ lb
  • Caesar sauce — ¼ cup
  • Basil Leaf (dry) — ½ tsp
  • Ground onion — 1 tsp
  • Garlic powder — to taste
  • Pepper — to taste


1. Prepare the poult: swill them and then dry using the paper towel.

2. Take some container (a storage bag for food or just a bowl) to mix the ingredients from the list with a poult.

3. Seal a bag or cover the bowl and frozen chicken for an hour or two.

4. Activate the Preheat key, set the temperature (390 ˚F) and time (15 min), and push the Start key.

5. When the air fryer is ready, put the pieces in the frying pan and fry until they are half-done. Then turn them over for even frying and keep in until ready.

Roasted Chicken

If you have twice as big timespan for cooking, your best air fryer will help you cope with the whole chicken! Chicken breast is insufficient in comparison with this dish! This is one of the recipes for GoWISE Air Fryer to impress your family and guests. The list of ingredients includes:

  • chicken with skin — 5 pounds
  • sea salt — 1 tsp
  • onion powder — 1 tsp
  • olive oil — 2 tbs
  • garlic powder — 1 tsp
  • thyme — 1/2 tsp
  • black pepper — 1 tsp


1. Prepare the poult for roasting: dry it and cover it with olive oil. Here’s the time to go about your other duties as you need to leave your chicken for at least 45 minutes at room temperature.

2. As the time expired, put the poult in the Fry Basket. Activate the Preheat key, set the temperature (360 ˚F) and time for cooking (20 min), and push the Start key.

3. As soon as 20 minutes are gone, you need to turn the breast over and choose the needed parameters for frying one more time setting the temperature (360 ˚F), time for cooking (20 min), and press the Start key.

4. To ascertain the dish is cooked, put a thermometer inside it (the needed temperature is about 165 ˚F).

5. Let your roaster cool down for about 20 minutes.